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centimeterloss without moving

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This BIO-energetic field provides a calorie consumption of 650kCal thanks to imperceptible muscle contractions.

As a result, the natural processes for lipolysis are stimulated. In other words, a lot of fatty acids are released thanks to a treatment with BioStimology®. The cells reduce in size and moisture and toxins are released.

In order to remove the released fatty acids, fluids and toxins, BodySculptor uses efficient compression therapy or lymphatic drainage.

The BodySculpter is no ordinary fitness routine: it is an advanced method that focuses on sculpting and defining your body by using controlled muscle stimulation. Through its advanced technology, the BodySculpter helps you to purposefully reduce fat, tone muscles and improve your body contours at the same time.

In addition to cm loss, thanks to the E.L.F. fields, there is also a definite impact on the level of the skin. BodySculptor helps to firm and tighten skin. It is ideal for those pesky bands or sagging skin.
BodySculptor also provides particularly lasting results concerning cellulite. After all, BodySculptor combats both fat mass and fluid retention.

Moreover, it makes the treatment particularly relaxing and pleasant. Most bodySculptor users fall asleep after only a few minutes.