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Uncover the investment in elegance with our transparent rates for skincare, spa treatments, and wellness services. Discover the path to radiant beauty within your budget. View our detailed price guide and indulge in the beauty that fits your lifestyle.

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Explore our extensive range of treatments, including massages, wraps, and ear candling, to indulge in ultimate relaxation and revitalization. Click here for prices & more information.

Facial Care

Let us at Beauty Institute Eleonora guide you towards the ultimate skin improvement through a free skin diagnosis, where we discuss options such as Germaine de Capuccini CarbonPeel, Dermapen, or Dermapenning for your personalized facial care. Click here for prices & more information.

Lashes & Eyebrows

Discover everything about our treatments for Lashes & Eyebrows, including information on eyelash extensions, lash lifting, henna brows, and tinting of lashes and eyebrows. Click here for prices & more information.


Discover the power of refined beauty with our makeup services, enhancing your natural radiance and making you shine on every occasion. Click here for prices & more information.


Discover the perfect balance between elegance and durability with our nurturing gel nails, Gelish, and manicure treatments, including the restorative IBX system - let your hands shine with our professional approach! Click here for prices & more information.


Experience the silky-smooth sensation with our professional hair removal and waxing treatments - indulge in long-lasting smoothness and silky skin at Beauty Institute Eleonora! Click here for prices & more information.

Laser Hair Removal

Discover a safe and effective method for long-lasting smoothness with our painless and efficient laser hair removal treatments - no hassle with hair. Click here for prices & more information.


At Beauty Institute Eleonora, we offer both aesthetic and medical pedicure treatments for the enhancement and health of your feet. 

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Achieve a natural-looking, radiant tan with our spray tan treatment for a sun-kissed glow at Beauty Institute Eleonora. 

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Weight Loss

Customers at our establishment have the opportunity to engage in both active exercise and undergo passive treatments for weight loss, inch reduction, cellulite reduction, and relief from heavy legs, with no requirement for physical activity. Click here for prices & more information.


Discover our world of beauty and care spread across four beautiful locations, three of which are nestled in the enchanting Bruges, each with its own unique offerings. Immerse yourself in rejuvenation and luxury at our Bruges establishments, one of which also houses a renowned slimming center. Additionally, we warmly welcome you to our exclusive location in the charming Knokke. Each of our venues embodies our commitment to high-quality anti-aging treatments, advanced laser hair removal, and a range of beauty services, all designed to enhance your natural beauty. Step into our establishments and let us guide you on a journey to timeless beauty and well-being.