Beauty institute Eleonora




For those aiming to quickly and purposefully tone muscles and lose centimeters! A unique program for immediate results. Works for fat breakdown, reducing water retention, skin tightening, and muscle toning. Effective treatment. Also effective against any form of cellulite. 



BodySculptor is a medical technology developed for the aesthetic world. It employs BioStimology® across the entire body.

This assists in firming and improving the skin, as well as treating cellulite and heavy, tired legs.



Have you ever wanted to lose fat and centimeters in visible areas like buttocks and thighs?

This was once only possible through expensive surgeries or plastic surgery. Hypoxi is unquestionably the best alternative: completely natural, fast, and impressively visible results, but above all, long-lasting outcomes. Hypoxi therapy guarantees slim legs and firm buttocks. 


Techni SPA

Excess fat and fluid are the two most common causes of unwanted curves and cellulite. The technical Guino works as an anti-cellulite slimming treatment; it effectively smoothens the skin, reshapes the figure, and aids in centimeter loss.



Losing stubborn fats while toning the skin is achievable with LPG! Through an intensive massage, the skin is rolled and lifted, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, enhancing the elimination of toxins, and increasing oxygen supply.


Infrared cabin

Infrared sports cabins offer a modern approach to relaxation and recovery for athletes. These cabins use infrared radiation to penetrate deep into the body, relax muscles, and improve circulation. Discover our high-quality infrared sports cabins that contribute to your well-being and athletic performance.


Price list

Mya ( 40 min)

Per treatment             € 75

Course 10 + 2 free   € 750

Bodysculpter ( 30 min) 

Per treatment            € 60

Course 10 + 2 free   € 600

Hypoxi vacuum massage passive

Per treatment           € 40 

Course 10 + 2 free   € 295

Hypoxi vacuum legs & buttocks active

Per treatment             € 55

Course 10 + 2 free   € 450

Hypoxi vacuum abdomen active

Per treatment            € 55

Course 10 + 2 free   € 450

Hypoxi combination therapy active

Per treatment             € 95

Course 10 + 2 free   € 595

Infrared cabine

Per treatment             € 35

Course 10 + 2 free   € 350


Per treatment             € 65

Course 10 + 2 free   € 650

Techni Spa

Per treatment             € 65

Course 10 + 2 free  € 650 


Thanks to Beauty Institute Eleonora, I've lost 10 kilos with their tailor-made diet and exercise program, making me feel more confident and energetic than ever before!

Thanks to the effective cellulite treatments at Beauty Institute Eleonora, I've seen significant improvements in my skin's texture. The specialized treatments have helped reduce cellulite, making my skin smoother and firmer. I'm pleased with the results and the institute's professional approach.

I'm extremely satisfied with my experience at MYA for achieving a tighter body. The treatments were professionally executed and genuinely helped improve my body contours, making me feel more confident.