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Discover a new era in skincare with the DTI (Dermal Therapy Innovation) device at Instituut Eleonora. Elevate your beauty routine through cutting-edge technology designed to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Uncover the transformative power of DTI, bringing you closer to radiant and healthy skin. Explore the advanced skincare solutions that redefine beauty at Instituut Eleonora.

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"DTI is used with every Germaine De Capuccini treatment. When applying a mask, 30% is absorbed by the skin. With the DTI device, you can absorb 80% to 90% of all active ingredients."

Finally, a serum like collagen, hyaluronic acid, or vitamins is applied to the skin to be absorbed into the deeper layers. Our skin contains small gateways that are positively and negatively charged (polarization), allowing some components to be easily absorbed by the skin, while others are more difficult.

With this final step, the polarity of the skin is changed very locally, allowing collagen or vitamins to be deeply absorbed into the skin. When the treatment is stopped, the normal polarization of the skin is immediately restored. This technology enables working at various depths, allowing for a highly targeted treatment.