French / babyboom


French and Babyboom are two popular nail styles known for their elegant and timeless appearance. These styles are often applied in gel nails, offering a sophisticated and natural look for nails.

French Manicure is a style where the nails have a natural pink or nude base with white tips at the free edge of the nails. This creates a classic look that is perfect for any occasion, from everyday to more formal ones. On the other hand, Babyboom is a variation of the French Manicure, featuring softer and subtler white tips, often with a gentle transition from white to the natural color of the nail, resulting in a more natural and gradual appearance.

It's advisable to regularly maintain French or Baby Boomer nails to retain their fresh appearance. With proper care and touch-ups, French and Baby Boomer nails can remain a timeless and stylish nail option.


  • Sint-Michiels 
  • Sint-Andries
  • Knokke