Infrared cabine 

Exercising in the infrared cabin is ideal for people with little time, one session takes only 30 minutes! The heat and infrared radiation warms you up faster and promotes blood flow in the skin and muscle tissue. You will sweat more, which provides better drainage. The sports exercises are performed sitting or lying down, which is a huge advantage for people with back and/or joint problems. Because of the fine temperature, you will also have less muscle pain after the session. An infrared cabin also affects the production of endorphins, the "happiness hormone". This hormone acts as a natural painkiller for muscle stiffness, swelling, tension and muscle and joint pain - so only benefits!

An intake interview will be conducted at the first session. This includes a measurement of your body. Using our specialized scale, we will gain insight into your bone and muscle mass, fat and fluid percentage, metabolic age and visceral fat. Next, you and the counselor will be introduced to the heat booths. Using an easy and clear system, after the first session, you will be able to find the sports exercises on a tablet. All the exercises offered are tailored to your knowledge and ability.