Instituut Eleonora


The main function of the LPG is lymphatic drainage. With this, it stimulates the removal of fluid accumulation and promotes fluid flow. The consequences are a better immune system, stress reduction and improvement in hormone balance.

The treatment is possible over the entire body. Both the arms, waist, thighs and calves can be treated. The treatment is passive, so you lose weight without having to move!

The LPG treatment on the body is a cellulite treatment, which also helps with stretch marks, muscle and joint pain, scars, sagging skin and fat accumulation.

After 8 to 10 turns, you usually begin to see results. It is recommended to have two treatment in the week.


Getting rid of stubborn fats and while tightening the skin, you can do it with the LPG!

Using an intensive massage, the skin is rolled up and down, this has a stimulating effect on the subcutaneous connective tissue. The LPG provides stimulation of blood and lymph circulation, improvement in the removal of waste products and supply of oxygen.

Before the cure starts, we perform a measurement of your body. Using our specialized scale, we gain insight into your bone and muscle mass, fat and fluid percentage, metabolic age and visceral fat.