Make-up workshop

Make-up Workshop

Discover Your Perfect Look with the Evagarden Makeup Workshop at Eleonora Institute

At Eleonora Institute, we invite you to an enchanting makeup workshop featuring Evagarden, a unique opportunity to explore the secrets of professional makeup application using high-quality products and expert guidance.

What to Expect from Our Evagarden Makeup Workshop:

  • Professional Guidance: Our experienced makeup artists share their knowledge and expertise to help you create a stunning look. 
  • Hands-on Experience: Learn step-by-step how to accentuate your best features and apply various makeup techniques. 
  • Product Knowledge: Explore Evagarden's extensive collection, learn about product usage, and find the right colors and textures that suit you. 
  • Personal Attention: We provide individual guidance so that each participant leaves the workshop with confidence and new skills. 

Experience the Magic of Evagarden Makeup:

Our Evagarden Makeup Workshop is perfect for both beginners and makeup enthusiasts looking to refine their skills and discover new trends. Dive into a world of colors, textures, and techniques, and develop your own style under professional guidance.

Reserve Your Spot for the Evagarden Makeup Workshop:

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your makeup skills and enjoy an unforgettable experience with Evagarden products. 

Contact us today to reserve your spot for the next workshop and learn how to accentuate your natural beauty with Evagarden."