Discover the Magic of Evagarden Makeup at Beauty institute Eleonora

At Eleonora Institute, we embrace the art of beauty, offering an exclusive experience with Evagarden makeup, a brand synonymous with elegance, innovation, and high-quality cosmetics.

  • Long-lasting make-up: Explore Evagarden makeup products that stay put for extended periods without fading. 
  • Cruelty-free cosmetics: Evagarden is known for its cruelty-free makeup products.
  • Makeup for sensitive skin: Discover our products suitable for sensitive skin types. 

Quality and Beauty in Every Application:

Evagarden makeup ensures top-quality formulas and stunning colors that complement various skin tones and styles. Our experienced makeup artists apply their expertise to enhance and accentuate your natural beauty, whether it's for a daily look, evening makeup, or a special occasion.

Benefits of Evagarden Makeup:

  • Durability and Quality: Evagarden makeup offers long-lasting results and high-quality pigmentation. 
  • Versatility and Diversity: With a wide range of products, from foundations to eyeshadows and lipsticks, Evagarden provides versatile options for every makeup style. 
  • Skin-friendly Formulas: Evagarden uses hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic ingredients suitable for different skin types. 

A Unique Experience with Evagarden Makeup:

At Eleonora Institute, we invite you to experience the glamour of Evagarden makeup. Let our makeup experts assist you in discovering the perfect colors and textures that complement your personal style and preferences.