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MYA Slimming Device

Transform your silhouette effortlessly with the MYA Slimming Device at Instituut Eleonora. Discover streamlined beauty and innovative body sculpting technology designed for efficient and personalized slimming. Redefine beauty standards and embrace a journey to silhouette perfection.

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Toning muscles


Why choose slimming with electropulses at Institute Eleonora/Strak&Fit?

Our experienced professionals use advanced technology to safely and effectively stimulate and strengthen muscles. This treatment can be customized to your personal goals and needs, whether you are looking for muscle toning, fat reduction or general body shaping.

The combination of these 4 programs is the best treatment to lose & tone quickly and locally. For sure the best and most effective treatment. Also against any form of cellulite. This treatment breaks down fat and reduces volume with immediate cm loss. Takes away the fat pads of cellulite.

A treatment that strengthens the skin and muscle tissue resulting in improved skin texture. It reduces orange peel skin and smoothes the skin. It activates blood circulation, stimulates lymph circulation, removes waste products and oxygenates your skin.

At Strak & Fit, we understand that a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are essential to a successful weight loss journey. Slimming with electropulses can complement a healthy diet and active lifestyle.