Pedicure bronze

Pedicure bronze

Pedicure Bronze at Eleonora Institute: For Well-Groomed and Healthy Feet, Including Medical Pedicure

At Eleonora Institute, we offer our Pedicure Bronze treatment, a comprehensive care package for your feet, including expert medical pedicure for specific foot problems.

> Comprehensive pedicure with a medical focus: Discover our treatment that focuses on both aesthetic and medical foot care. 

What Does Pedicure Bronze Include:

> Foot analysis: We start with a thorough analysis of your feet to identify any issues. 

> Nail care: Trimming, filing, and caring for nails for a healthy appearance. 

> Removal of calluses and corns: Effective treatment to remove calluses and corns for comfortable feet. 

> Medical Pedicure: Specialized care for problematic foot conditions such as ingrown nails, fungal infections, or other medical conditions. 

Why Choose Pedicure Bronze at Eleonora Institute:

> Complete Foot Care: Enjoy well-groomed feet with aesthetic and medical attention. 

> Professional Expertise: Our experienced pedicurists provide expert treatment for various foot problems. 

> Comfortable Experience: We offer a comfortable environment where you can relax during the treatment.


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