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Body scrub

Body Scrubs at Beauty institute Eleonora - Discover the Benefits

Welcome to Beauty institute Eleonora, where we unveil a variety of body scrubs designed to renew and rejuvenate your skin. Our body scrubs offer a radiant and silky-smooth texture by effectively removing dead skin cells, boosting blood circulation, and promoting cell renewal, leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

Why Choose Our Body Scrubs?

Carefully crafted with natural ingredients, our body scrubs exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Whether you prefer a sea salt scrub for deep cleansing or a sugar scrub for a gentler approach, we have various options suitable for your preferences and skin type. Regular body scrub treatments contribute to achieving healthier and glowing skin.

Our Popular Body Scrub Options:

Sea Salt Scrub: Effectively eliminates dead skin cells and stimulates circulation for revitalized skin.

Sugar Scrub: A gentler exfoliation that hydrates, leaving skin silky-smooth.

Aromatic Scrubs: Indulge in our aromatic scrubs providing exfoliation alongside a relaxing and calming effect.

How to Book a Body Scrub Treatment?

Booking a body scrub treatment at Beauty institute Eleonora is simple. Choose your preferred type of scrub, select your preferred location (Sint-Michiels, Sint-Andries, or Knokke), and book online for a revitalizing experience that refreshes and renews your skin.

Visit Beauty institute Eleonora and experience firsthand the benefits of our body scrubs. Book your treatment today for radiant, healthy skin."