Original/Luxury Turkish Massage

Luxury Turkish Massage

Scrub-Soap Massage-Wrap-Hydration-Massage

Discover the Enchantment of Turkish Massage with Wrap and Soap Massage

Embark on a journey of pure relaxation and renewal at Beauty Institute Eleonora.

A voyage of pure relaxation and rejuvenation awaits you with our Turkish massage, including a invigorating wrap and lush soap massage. At Beauty Institute Eleonora, we bring ancient Turkish wellness traditions to you at our locations in Sint-Michiels and Sint-Andries in Bruges, as well as our establishment in Knokke.

Our Luxury Turkish massage, a blend of profound techniques and rich traditions, begins with a purifying soap massage that alleviates stress and tension. Next, your skin is exfoliated with sea salt before being enveloped in a mud wrap. The treatment concludes with a nourishing and hydrating body lotion that is massaged in.

Experience the magic of our Luxury Turkish massage at Beauty Institute Eleonora. Book online today and immerse yourself in this lavish wellness experience.