Personal Training

Personal training by Julie Willems

Julie is a personal coach, her passion for sports can help you develop a healthy lifestyle that fits your unique needs and goals. With her guidance, you can optimize your exercise routine and achieve the results you want!

Sports goals vary from person to person. Building muscle mass, losing weight, putting on weight or generally pursuing a healthier lifestyle, it's all possible. Our ultimate goal is a healthy mind in a healthy body and satisfied clients!

I have suffered from obesity for years, with Julie's support I lost 6 pounds in nine weeks!" said a satisfied customer.

We work around three different types of training; fitness (cardio), strength and build-up training after an injury or prolonged inactivity. Before we can get started, there is an intake interview. Here we take measurements of your body. With our specialized scales we get insight into your bone and muscle mass, fat and fluid percentage, metabolic age and visceral fat.

Furthermore, we talk about what you want to achieve effectively, your lifestyle, diet, work and family are probed. All this information provides a clear picture of what you and your body need.

During the intake we also make a shopping list. Here we go over together what you had planned to eat and look for healthier alternatives. The list is given to you and that way you can store stress-free, knowing you are making the right choices!

Julie puts together customized training programs and helps with technique, nutrition and motivation. Workouts are possible one on one or as a duo. Once a week, the Thursday evening at 7pm, we also organize a group workout.

The results you get from exercising enough and watching your diet can be further enhanced by using one (or more) of our machines.



Personal Training 
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Groupsession       €15/p.p.
Each thursday at 19h

Abonnement            €700
10 sessions + 2 free